Friday, September 24, 2010

The Church and Politics

Thoughts on the proper role of the Church in the State:

Your writer is a firm believer that the church is as good a place as any to talk about the issues, because for the believer God clearly takes sides on some matters-some political positions clearly are not in line with any form of a Christian conscience and people need to be made aware that some candidates might hold positions which are clearly unacceptable to a person with a properly-formed Christian worldview. Candidate endorsements may be another matter, because while the Almighty clearly has a problem with some ideas, he also doesn't have a political party, and the Church universal is not a political party herself anymore than the General Assembly is a house of worship. The Church cannot always stay out of the political fray, and should not when issues at hand are of direct concern to believers. However, the Church does not represent the kingdoms of this world, but the Kingdom that is not of this world-the greater Kingdom to come when the corruption of this world shall pass away and those who do the bidding of the Prince of this World will be cleansed as wheat from chaff. Ministers must be very careful to remember whose Kingdom they serve and whose they ultimately are supposed to represent.

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