Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Chamber Apparently Doesn't Like Elections

Instead of sticking to business, the Greater Knoxville Chamber of Commerce has decided to attack State Representative Frank Niceley for bothering to listen to his constituents:

The Greater Knoxville Chamber of Commerce this week has decided to declare that State Representative
Frank Niceley is unfriendly to business. Upon further inspection, we learn that one of the reasons the Chamber makes this strong kind of statement is that Niceley favors the election of school superintendents in rural counties if the people of those counties want it, and also because he wants to protect property owners against eminent domain abuse.

As for the election of school superintendents, Niceley is correct that in Jefferson County support for electing the school superintendent is overwhelming. Even among people not prone to support Niceley, one hears that they believe in electing the local education chief. The fact that the Chamber of Commerce does not favor that measure (something that doesn't impact their ability to conduct day-do-day business) just shows that they aren't all that fond of popular elections. What, pray tell, is the Chamber afraid of, election of someone with a mind of their own, or that we might have a Director of Schools in Jefferson County who is on the job for more than a few months.

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