Thursday, March 11, 2010

War Is All Hell...

...And Tennesseans are apparently going to be treated to the observance of personal political warfare in the 17th State Senate District:

I am terribly glad that I do not live in the
17th Senate District. Here are two strong conservative women that I admire who are literally committed to a set of political principles and ideals that are nearly identical, and which I, for the most part, happen to share. These two ladies hate each other with a passion that seems so deep that they both appear prepared to destroy themselves politically in order to keep the other from being elected.

The situation will leave a potential opening for the Democrats in November, and in a year when they all know (and will never publicly admit) that they stand to lose seats in the House, the pickup of such an important Republican seat in the State Senate could save the Tennessee Democratic Party. If political primary blood runs as high as the horse's bridle in Wilson County, Democrats could take advantage of the situation by simply campaigning as the outsiders who are free and clear of the Beavers-Lynn War to End All Wars. Local Democrats in Middle Tennessee could not have dreamed this scenario in their wildest midnight fantasies.

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