Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fat Free Half and Half-Not of God

My wife has decided that as part of our Lenten pledge to engage in reducing our food intake that she would purchase fat-free half and half for us to use in our coffee-we both drink copious amounts of the bean juice.

It tastes alright, not as good as real half and half-and yes, there is a noticeable difference in taste, though it isn't bad. The problem comes when you read the ingredient label and see corn syrup and titanium dioxide.

Titanium dioxide?

This is supposed to be half and half-half milk, half cream. It is not supposed to be fat free, cream is not fat free. That is not natural...titanium dioxide in half and half? Fat free half and half is not half and half, it is corn syrup, titanium dioxide, and skim milk.

It can be argued that skim milk is a natural product (though this is questionable) since it is basically milk with all of the fat removed. However, there is nothing natural about half and half with titanium dioxide. It is not a natural product that is part of God's creation.

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