Monday, March 15, 2010

Genocide Promotion in East Knoxville

Planned Barrenhood target's African-American communities...why aren't more up in arms?

It is not the least bit surprising that Planned Barrenhood would locate a clinic in a predominantly African-American neighborhood, since its founder Margaret Sanger was a notorious racist and eugenicist who didn't particularly care for black folks.

Planned Barrenhood has become, of course, the leading provider of both birth control and aborticides in America and one of the leading providers in the world. I'm quite sure Sanger would approve of locating the Planned Barrenhood clinic in a predominantly black neighborhood, since that would further the Sangerian goal of using birth control and aborticide as a long-term means of exterminating "inferior" people. To be fair, Sanger didn't just think blacks were inferior, so were some Whites as well-as author Jonah Goldberg points out, much of the liberal elite has accepted some form of the eugenics doctrine whether they realize it or not.

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