Saturday, March 13, 2010

Storming the Court

Yes, I know that storming the court can be dangerous...

But banning it outright is nothing more than pooping the party, and the Southeastern Conference has banned the old tradition.

Mike Slive is clearly a Florida plant...

I'm not saying that officialdom should not have the right to monitor the situation and to clear the court by whatever means necessary-including force-if the situation were to get out of hand.

But I've been involved in several court-stormings in high school and college, and not only am I here to tell the tale, I wasn't hurt, and other than being hugged by jubilant players, coaches, classmates, and friends and in high school a few cheerleaders, I didn't find myself remotely in any danger. Each time this experience has been memorable and has served as a wonderful booster of student espirit de corps.

But the SEC has to poop the party....

A storming of the court in the 2007 Horizon League Championship Game (Wright State 60, Butler 55)



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