Thursday, August 28, 2008

The New Messianic Fervor

The speech was just as any of us who understand political theater thought it would be. Bill Clinton would make a "ringing" endorsement of Barack Obama-and he did. The former President made no mention at all of his personal investment in the project of Obama's defeat. Hillary got in on the act by moving Obama's nomination by acclamation.

Yet, the last two nights were all about the Clintons. Does anyone really believe that Hillary Clinton is a reborn enthusiastic Obama supporter? Senator Clinton believes that Barack Obama will lose, and when he does, the Clintons-loyal soldiers that they are pretending to be-will appear as the Democratic Party's only hope.

MSNBC is busy being their usual selves, declaring the historic nature of Barack Obama's nomination and proclaiming his cause with an almost messianic fervor. This is now the normal chain of events, and since we know that an overwhelming majority of Americans think the press is biased toward Barack Obama, one also has to wonder if the perception of this bias will backfire for Obama.

Barack Obama will make his acceptance speech tonight not before the convention that nominated him yesterday, but before a stadium filled with adoring fans. Barack Obama doesn't seem to be launching an election campaign. Instead, he and his staff are behaving more like they are trying to win a celebrity popularity contest.

"If you want to vote for Barry O, dial 1-800-MESSIAH."

Obama is treating this election like it is a personal lovefest instead of a political process. Whether he intends it or not, his conduct shows little respect for the American political process. Instead, he seems to insist that the process bow to his will.

Before he's done, we may even have a new national anthem:

(Hat Tip: Adam Graham)

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At Thursday, August 28, 2008 9:50:00 PM, Blogger gipster1 said...


THANK YOU!!! Your interview with the Great Pensi has made my day!!! I can't believe you broke that he is going to run for the Senate. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!


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