Thursday, August 21, 2008

Gergen: Public Opinion of Obama Turning

Former White House aide David Gergen says Barack Obama needs to introduce a game-changer, and quickly, to avoid the prospect of November defeat:

From my perspective, Obama needs to introduce a game changer — and fast — before public opinion starts to gel around the notion that he is a phenom who deserves great respect but is not seasoned enough and would be too much of a risk in the Oval Office.

Public opinion has likely already been moving in that direction for some time. This is, after all, a less-than one-term Senator who came seemingly out of nowhere and is now the presumptive Democratic nominee for President. The last time we handed the country over to someone with that level of experience, it was 1976-and history tells us how that worked out.

John McCain isn't under much of a burden to drive home the message that Barack Obama isn't ready for the big show, as that is being proven on a daily basis. Instead, it is Obama who now faces the burden of proof that he has not only the experience, but the fortitude necessary to govern a country which is in no way convinced of his abilities in some very difficult times.

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