Monday, August 25, 2008

And We Shall All Be Reminded

Today, the Democratic National Convention begins in Denver. It will be, by some accounts, a wanton festival of open debauchery, mockery of tradition, and a promotion of "alternative" lifestyles. It will almost certainly involve plenty of infighting and celebrating Clintonism at a time when the party opposite is trying to free itself from Clinton poison-or at least replace that poison with an entirely different toxic political elixir.

There will be no God in Denver this week, but there will be plenty of pot.

Once again, the Democrats' quadrennial gathering will remind people in Middle America why it is they don't vote Democratic in a presidential election.

Tell it like it is, Merle.

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At Monday, August 25, 2008 10:46:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you & HUddleston OD on stupid pills?!?! Or are you smoking some really good pot yourselves?
I followed your link: "no God in Denver this week, but there will be plenty of pot. and went to Huddleston's post: "That's the Democratic National Convention that I Know and Love" and checked out his links.
First, "We ain't got no benediction." No God? Huh?? This is a quote from the article he links to on that subject:
"The convention's schedule is studded with faith-themed events, including the first interfaith gathering to open a Democratic convention. Those delivering invocations and benedictions during the four-night convention include a Greek Orthodox archbishop, a Catholic nun, a rabbi from Judaism's Reform tradition and Joel Hunter, a Republican and Florida megachurch pastor who has made the environment a signature issue."
It sounds to me that if you seek you WILL find. However, I realize that might be too much work for those taking stupids pills, or smoking pot. Oh well ...
Secondly: "We got plenty of pot."
Oh really? Quoting from the article Huddleston links to: "Mason Tvert, leader of the group Safer Alternative For Enjoyable Recreation ... Some no name twit goes before a panel of his own twitty organization and get a NON-BINDING resolution passed that carries ABSOLUTELY NO SIGNIFIGANCE and that means the Democratic Convention attendees are all going to be rehearsing for the new Cheech & Chong movie?!?
This is too STUPID even for the McCain/Rove Slime Machine.
Really, you guys need let up. Put on some Led Zepplin, eat some pizza and chips and then sleep it off.
Really, the two of you have had too much.



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