Monday, August 25, 2008

As the Map Turns August 25

This week's electoral college map takes a decided turn in John McCain's direction.

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If you happened to see yesterday's episode of Meet the Press, you saw the numbers that show John McCain leading by six points in New Mexico and four in Nevada, less than a week after polls in both States showed it was a toss-up.

Now, Obama's biggest Western lead is Colorado, where he only leads by three points-and that is within the margin of error. Barack Obama is counting on these three critical States in the Rockies to turn his way. If John McCain can carry two of these three States and hold Ohio and Virginia, he can win the presidency.

Barack Obama has got to be hoping that the Democrats' presence in Denver this week boost his poll ratings in Colorado and New Mexico. As recent elections have shown, holding a convention in a given State does not mean you'll carry that State.

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