Sunday, February 24, 2008

Jefferson County Lincoln Day first notes

Last night's Jefferson County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner was surprisingly well-attended considering that it bumped very snugly up against the Tennessee-Memphis basketball game. While the reasoning behind it was understandable, the evening was noticeably rushed compared to last year's event in order to get everyone home in time for tip off (this wasn't a bad thing per se, but I thought it was a shame that the speakers had to be so rushed). Unlike last year, when plenty of time was allotted between folks eating and the speakers, the schedule went from the national anthem and the pledge of allegiance right into the talking. We all wanted to see the game-and it was a great game-but I enjoy the social aspect of Lincoln/Reagan Day dinners as much as anything else. Folks were in and out in such a hurry that I just didn't get a chance to visit with as many people as I normally do.

Frank Niceley was the first major speaker, and I have always thought Frank would make as good a headliner as anyone else, but he introduced Mike Faulk. Mike relayed a wonderful story about former Congressman Bill Jenkins inviting Mike, then a young lawyer, over for beef stew and asking him to help fix an old tractor. Congressman Jenkins then introduced Second District Congressman Jimmy Duncan (long a hero of mine), who gave a very good speech reminding everyone of the reality the Republican counties are often the places where the common people live-and vote Republican.

David Leonidas Huddleston is really that cute. Angela is proud of her son, but if you want to see a doting papa, Rob really is a sight.

One of my Jefferson County Commissioners, Nina Snodgrass, was honored as Jefferson County Republican Woman of the Year. It is a well-deserved recognition for all of the time that Ms. Nina devotes to the community and the GOP, but she really is a humble lady-the award left her speechless.

As usual, Mike Faulk showed such wonderful hospitality to Nicole and myself, and last night he brought along several family members including his mother. Mike's family, as well as those of our other elected officials in this part of the State, really reminded me just how blessed we are to be able to choose and to send such good family people to represent our interests-Upper East Tennessee has a lot to be proud of when we can boast that while the rest of the State gives us Fords and Waltzers, we have produced people like Mike Faulk, Frank Niceley, and Bill Jenkins (what a marked contrast to other so-called leaders!).

I'll have much more on last night's event tomorrow.

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