Friday, February 22, 2008

Nader rides again

On behalf of Republicans everywhere, I'd like to thank Ralph Nader in advance of Sunday's Meet the Press:

Kevin Zeese, who was Nader's spokesman during the 2004 presidential race, but is no longer working for him, said Friday that Nader has been actively talking to "lots of people on all sorts of levels" about the possibility of making another run.

Zeese said he could only guess what Nader might do, but added: "Obviously, I don't think ("Meet the Press" host) Tim Russert would have him on for no reason."

Last month, Nader began an exploratory presidential campaign and launched a Web site that promises to fight "corporate greed, corporate power, corporate control."

Ralph Nader's share of the vote in both 2000 and 2004 was very small, and in 2004 it was minuscule. Those votes for Nader were just enough in some jurisdictions to tilt the election to the Republicans. Nader and his raiders could indeed prove a welcome addition in this cycle.



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