Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hillary could be Texas toast

The conventional wisdom says that in spite of Barack Obama's surging campaign, Hillary Clinton stands a very good chance to win in Texas, and it is agreed that she must win there in order to keep her campaign alive. Barack Obama doesn't have to win the Texas Primary in order to keep going, he only needs to make a respectable showing-especially since Texas Democrats are holding precinct caucuses on the same night as the election:

Since the Nevada caucuses on Jan. 19, Barack Obama has defeated Clinton in every state that's held traditional caucuses, open meetings that reward grassroots organization and vigorous commitment to a candidate. Clinton could conceivably win the Texas primary but still see her delegate advantage there evaporate if Obama supporters turn out in droves for the meetings held in over 8,000 precincts after polls close across the state.

Even as the Clinton campaign maintains that the uncommitted superdelegates should exercise their own judgment on whom the party should nominate, the former president slams the Texas system as a political anomaly that smacks of cronyism and party elitism.

As has been written in these pages in recent days, the Obama campaign is providing both Clinton and the Republicans ample ammunition with which to completely destroy Obama (in addition to Communists and former terrorists, Louis Farrakhan has now endorsed him). Hillary seems completely unable to avail herself of these opportunities, largely because of the overt stupidity of her campaign. Rather than focus on Barack Obama's very real flaws, she and her advisors are too busy to to focus on those things and instead choose to exaggerate irrelevant tripe such as whether Obama wore native garb while visiting a foreign country-a traditional practice of foreign dignitaries.

Barack Obama is in a position to come out of Texas with his delegate lead in tact without having won the primary there because he and his supporters know nothing if not how to organize for a caucus. If the Clinton campaign continues to focus on things about which voters could care less, Obama will not defeat Hillary-Hillary will beat herself.



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