Friday, January 05, 2007

Phone tag with the Mumpower

Kudos to Jason Mumpower-he's been trying to get ahold of me, and now I am trying to get ahold of Mumpower-we seem to be crossing like ships in the night (I am sorry Jason).

I've been told via a somewhat knowledgeable third party that Rep. Mumpower does not have the time to give a thorough written response to my questions. Considering that the General Assembly convenes on Tuesday, I can certainly understand that. However, he does appear to want to give an answer or a response to the questions that I posed. He certainly isn't ignoring them-and I am told that he has seen them and has no objection to them-good!

Two possible scenarios will take place here: If he is free around nine o-clock tomorrow morning, I am going to try and rig up a three-way call so he can be a guest on my podcast. However, if not, I am told he is amenable to a brief phone call. If the latter becomes the only option, I will give as accurate a summation as I can here.



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