Friday, January 05, 2007

The Mumpower questions

Tennessee House Republican Leader Jason Mumpower has some friends, supporters, or associates who apparently like to post to my blog anonymously. It has gotten to the point where I think it is in the best interest of our readers that this person or these people identify themselves in some fashion. As regulars may know, I forbade anonymous commenting for a time, largely because people were abusing the privilege, often claiming to be someone important when there was no way to prove that they were who they claimed. I re-instituted it during the election campaign to allow a broader range of commenters, and in the interest of freedom of speech and press.

The latest anonymous post got my dander up at first, but then I decided to use the commenter's challenge as a bit of an opportunity. The commenter wrote:

If you have questions, shouldn't you call Rep. Mumpower? Of course, but then you wouldn't have something to gripe about.

To be honest, I'd love nothing more than to have a pull-no punches interview with Jason Mumpower himself.

I suppose we could do that over the phone, and I would have no objection to that. I will say that it would be somewhat difficult for me to interview Rep. Mumpower accurately over the phone...not because I do not want to do so, but because it is difficult for me to take timely and accurate notes and hold the phone at the same time (I write slowly as it is). I really don't believe in censorship and I have been critical of Mumpower's ascension to the Leadership here, so I want Jason Mumpower to be heard.

Today I will write up a series of questions and e-mail these questions to Leader Mumpower. I propose that as he reads each question, he types as thorough and honest a response to each one as he can. Every word that he writes will be published here-word for word and with no editing except for grammar (though I doubt that will be needed). I should point out that contrary to what some commenters to The World might think, I am not Jason Mumpower's enemy. I am a conservative Republican, and in his time as leader, I am liable to be the friendliest press coverage he is going to get. This is a wonderful opportunity for him to reach out both to supporters of his former opponent as well as to the conservative blogging community.

If he answers my e-mail and the questions, I will publish them on the first weekday after they are received.



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