Friday, September 15, 2006

The Uncandidate

I have explained on a number of occasions my dislike for Bob Corker as a candidate, and during the Primary season I made that fact abundantly clear. Now Corker is falling behind Harold Ford Jr. and some Corker supporters are blaming folks like me who were outspoken in our opposition to Corker in the Primary.

I invite readers to forget for a moment the things I said about Corker either publicly or privately during the Primary. Instead, let us assume that I will do as many others have done and will follow the line of my Party and support Bob Corker just because he has an "R" next to his name. The reason that Corker keeps dropping in the polls has little to nothing to do with the divisive Primary campaign, and a lot to do with the fact that Bob Corker comes across as a robot on the issues-a stiff. It is as if he has been trained in what the right things are to say. Corker comes across as a man who lacks passion or conviction.

I have yet to hear Bob Corker take a hard position on anything of substance. He tells us what the end result should be, but he doesn't bother telling us how it is he would bring that result about. His issues are redundant and his ideas are as original as a bale of hay.

On immigration, Corker says:

"The first thing we need to do is secure the border."

NOOOO...really Bob? How would you bring about this border security if you ran the show? No solid answer.

"Allow people to work here, but make sure they are legal."

Sounds the way, how do we make sure of that Bob? No real answer.

"Legal workers must learn the English language."

What an original! You, the entire South, and much of the Midwest hold to that opinion. It is the position you must take to win, and people know that too.

Immigration is just an example of this. I have yet to hear Corker speak on an issue where he doesn't sound like a robot or a wind-up doll. If Harold Fraud, Jr. wins in November, it will not be because Tennessee has become a bastion of liberal thought. Instead it will be because he will have shown himself better able to communicate his message than Corker-and he is less like Al Gore (not a stiff) than his opponent.

I am still waiting for Corker to convince me that he is worthy of my vote in November-he might try by speaking with some passion and conviction on the issues for a change.

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