Friday, August 04, 2006

Call in the First District House race-and a few election thoughts

U.S. House District 1 GOP
100% of 245 Precincts Reporting
David DavisX 16,570 22%
Richard S. Venable 16,049 22%
Richard S. Roberts 13,525 18%
Phil Roe 12,852 17%
Larry Waters 7,777 10%
Vance W. Cheek Jr. 3,330 4%
Peggy Parker Barnett 1,699 2%
Dan Smith 1,098 1%
Bill F. Breeding Jr. 816 1%
Claude Cox 292 1%
Colquitt Brackett 246 1%
Douglas Heinsohn 191 1%
John Grose 170 1%

None of the mainstream press has officially called this race yet, but The World is prepared to declare that David Davis has won an extremely narrow victory in the crowded field to replace the retiring Bill Jenkins. I don't think there is any question this race was going to be close. I was surprised that Richard Roberts did not fare better for the money he invested, and I am sorry Vance Cheek didn't do as well as I thought he might, as he did a lot of raw man-to-man campaigning. Nonetheless, I think David Davis will make a fine U.S. Congressman, and I will be proud to support him in November.

A number of congratulations are in order, not least of which is to Knox County Commissioner-elect Lumpy Lambert, who won a come-from-behind victory against Margaret Massey-Cox. I put in a call to personally congratulate Lumpy last night. I also personally congratulated my friend Stacey Campfield on his vast victory over the Establishment.

Obviously, to say that I am disappointed in the outcome of the Senate Primary would be an understatement-when I finally decided to call the race for Corker, I would have then proceeded to have several stiff drinks to dull the pain were it not for the fact that I was too tired and I needed to retire for the night. Unfortunately for those of us who are not presently running for office (though I hope to be one day very soon), our "ordinary" life goes on without interruption. There is little room in modern American life for an election to change the daily grind.

A lot of good people are going to turn their attention to helping Mr. Corker since he is now the Republican nominee. I believe he and the Haslams bought the nomination, and in addition to buying it, Mr. Corker proceeded to run advertisements on Statewide television that used statements that didn't just stretch the truth, they told outright lies. I have never supported any candidate that I did not believe acted in good faith, and I cannot start now-my conscience will not allow it.

I am a conservative, and hence a Republican. I have always voted Republican, and I can say honestly that I don't know what it feels like to vote for a Democrat-I've never done it, nor have I been in a position where I thought that I could. I will continue to vote Republican, but I will not support Bob Corker. That is going to put me on the outs with a lot of good people I suppose, but I must do the right thing. I am the Party's good servant-but God's first.

I will continue to remain involved.


At Friday, August 04, 2006 1:53:00 PM, Blogger Rob Huddleston said...

David -

You're not on the outs with me, my friend. I, too, will not support Bob Corker.

Some things are more important than having the approval of the Republican Party.



At Sunday, August 06, 2006 9:47:00 PM, Blogger Conservatore dall'est said...

Hey Guys:

I understand your anger right now. I've got some of it also. Something happened in our race that isn't apparent yet as I was polling much, much better with a week to go.

Bottom line, what Bob Corker is to you guys ~ David Davis is to the majority of of other candidates. All that aside, we will all get in line and vote David into office in November. Some are not doing so happily; however, they are do so for the sake of OUR Party not THE Party.

Everytime Bob Davis spoke at a Lincoln Day dinner, he always gave free press to Davis and to Richard Venable, to a certain degree. THE Party was not a fan of the Padrino, Don Vanchenzo. ;-)

That aside, I have heard the voters and I want a republican in the first district so I will be sporting a David Davis sticker along with my Jim Bryson and my Bob Corker.

I urge you two to take some time, you are both very intelligent men who have deeply impressed me. The fact is simple, Catie must not grow up in a Democratic controlled Senate with Harold Ford, Jr. representing her/our values. Ford doesn't have a concept of values much less Tennessee values much less East Tennessee values. We cannot lose this seat.

I urge you to do the right thing for OUR party and not THE party ~ support Davis, Corker and Bryson through November. Once they are all elected, everyone is free to plan for the 2008, 2010, and 2012 elections.

Don't let dispointment make you defeated! Some must take an uncomfortable position in order to keep the Nation on the right track right now.

Our time will come. With the Lord's help, I will be the US Congressman from the First District. Until that time, I will support MY party for the sake of my future and the future of my family. As for THE party, "Wait'll they get a load of me!"


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