Thursday, August 03, 2006

State Primary Day

Today is State Primary Day in the State of Tennessee. If you are reading this and you live in Tennessee, let this serve as a reminder that you have a State Primary for U.S. Senate and for Governor today. Many counties throughout the State have contested elections for county mayor, county commissioner, and other countywide offices. Those of you who whine about the state of dishonesty and corruption in public affairs have no room to talk or gripe if you do not cast your vote at your local polling place today, or if you haven't already done so at an early voting location.

Now let me get my plugs in: If you do nothing else of import today, you will do Tennessee a great service if you cast your vote for Ed Bryant for United States Senate. If you live in the 18th Tennessee House District in Knox County, help defend your property and gun rights by voting to nominate and re-elect State Representative Stacey Campfield. Finally, regardless of the outcome tonight, we can all rejoice that there will be no more oversized Corker signs stuck at Pilot stores.


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