Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The love of money is the root of all evil

I cannot possibly begin to compare with Terry Frank for her fantastic work in investigating this story, but if the rumors are true that Bill Haslam intends to run for Governor in 2010, his connection to an indicted drug smuggler and said friends of that smuggler may be of interest to anyone contesting Haslam for the GOP nomination, especially if Scott West is actually convicted.

As Terry points out in her brilliant work (which Rob Huddleston has also highlighted), not only has Bill Haslam had questionable connections with drug runners, but the Haslams and their allies have also aided and abeted the pornography trade here in East Tennessee to a tremendous degree, encouraging the purveyors of "smut" to set up business right in the heart of Knoxville.

These are the same people who are the lead backers of Bob Corker for U.S. Senate. This is the very same Corker who tells us that he has converted and become pro-life because a missionary trip to Haiti changed his outlook forever. Well, if I suddenly "saw the light" and "got religion," I don't know that I would want to smear my good name by associating with those who give aid and comfort to drug runners and porn distributors. The fact is that these people are not our kind of Republican-they aren't conservatives of the heart and soul and they have no principles. Their primary concerns are money and power, and the good of Tennessee and the Union as a whole be damned. In the mind of these sorts of folks, the good of the country is what they say it is, nevermind what the rest of us think.

If you want to support those who support the cultural excrement that is ruining our society and our country, by all means vote for Bob Corker for Senate, or vote for Harold Ford Jr. If you support those who give advantages to pornagraphers and drug traffickers, please vote for Bill Haslam in 2010.

If you support decency, dignity, and a just society, and you are a Republican, you really need to vote for Ed Bryant for Senate, and run as far away from Bill and Jim Haslam as you can.


At Wednesday, July 26, 2006 8:32:00 AM, Blogger Steve Mule said...

I checked Terry's blog posting and it looks to me that she is engaged in "slime by close proximity" I doubt that the Haslems were one of the West's reefer customers and I seriously doubt that the Wests would've been high on the Haslem's list IF anyone outside of the West's circle of weed customers (and later the DEA) had had any idea that they were involved in this neferious activity.
As for the porno shops - do you have any idea what kind of profit margins we're talking about? 200 - 300% is about the average - and it isn't low life skid row bums and hookers that buy that stuff. It's been found that porno shopos located in upper middle class neighborhoods (like the Farragut area) do extremely well much more so than in inner city slum areas.
Me thinks you are stumbling over logs to pick out specks.


At Wednesday, July 26, 2006 8:09:00 PM, Blogger Dave Oatney said...

Interesting logic/mentality there: Porn shops will reep tremendous profit, so it is perfectly alright for the Mayor of Knoxville and his family to allow for such smut, and through Pilot in the past, to promote it?

At Thursday, July 27, 2006 1:31:00 AM, Blogger Steve Mule said...

I wasn't saying one way or the other whether it was right or not. All I was saying is that they make a lot of money and they crowd they make money from isn't the crowd you would expect. And yes, some of the most uprightous folks in world will peddle it to get the money. After all a video is a video and if you don't watch it yourself how can really say it's bad? Besides only sinners watch that stuff and they're going to hell anyway so ...



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