Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Sundquist gives new hope to Bryant campaign

As Terry Frank reported over the weekend, former Governor Don "it will just be a little income tax" Sundquist, who late last year donated $2,000 to Corker's Senate campaign, has given money to Corker or Corker-backed candidates under the guise of his Sundquist Committee as well.

Ed Bryant's campaign people need to roll out new radio and television ads immediately to trumpet the fact that one of the worst Governors in Tennessee history (and by far the most unpopular since Andrew Johnson) is backing Corker twice over. Usually the very mention of the name "Don Sundquist" in the same sentence as someone else in a positive light is the kiss of political death for that person.

Up to this point, Corker has been able to avoid the large-scale public mention of his association with Donnie-boy. If the Bryant campaign can drag out the truth-namely that Don Sundquist is one of Bob Corker's biggest political backers short of the Haslam family, this campaign is far from over.

Let us take the war to the enemy in the same way they are attempting to do to us with these false ads that cite no references for the accusations they make. The difference must be that we can fight and win with the truth.


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