Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Many many thanks

I have returned from the Grand Old Party at the Crowne, and tomorrow I'll have a full report on my experience there. Tonight, however, I want to say a special thank you to Brian Hornback, our County Chairman, for his gracious invitation to the election night gathering. It was wonderful not only to be included, but to be embraced with such a warm welcome upon my arrival.

I especially would like to thank Rob Huddleston and his lovely wife, soon-to-be Republican Executive Committeewoman Angela Huddleston, for their warm conversation and gracious hospitality-it was an honor to be able to sit at table with them. Rob is every bit as real a conservative in person as he is online, and both he and Angela are class acts.

Finally, I'd like to ask everyone's prayers for Nicole's grandmother, Ruth Lindsey Smith. She is having bypass surgery tomorrow at St. Mary's Hospital. A lot of folks noticed Nicole wasn't with me-that is the reason why. I had just come from a dinner with the family when I arrived at the hotel, and Nicole wanted to make sure she got to spend as much time with her grandmother as possible. Many thanks in advance for your prayers.


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