Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Primary Day

Today is P-Day. It is Primary Day in many Tennessee counties today for county offices. Those who did not take advantage of early voting from April 12th through the 27th will (or should) vote today. I saw a report on WVLT the other day that said early voting was up significantly from the 2004 Primaries and that the number of early voters in Knox County had nearly doubled.

If those reports are true, they are quite contrary to similar reports and predictions that I have seen in other local media that turnout is "terrible," and is one case the word "abyssmal" was used.

We will not likely see definitive results tonight because of the sheer volume of old fashioned paper ballots that will be submitted due to the huge number of Knox County write-in candidates. When a person votes for a write-in candidate, they must vote with a paper ballot for the entire slate. One race we may find results for is the County Mayor's race, in which Steve Hall is challenging Mike Ragsdale in the Republican Primary. A lot of people discount Hall because he is a poor public speaker. So was Moses, who said to the Lord that he had "impediment and slowness of tongue." The Lord told Moses that was too bad, because it was He who made man's mouth (Exodus 4:10-12).

Steve Hall upsetting Mike Ragsdale would be right up there with Rocky beating Ivan Drago, or to compare it with a real event, the U.S. Hockey team defeating the Soviet Union in 1980. Rob Huddleston tells everyone to support Hall, but gives a longer (and very convincing) dissertation with letter on why we need to re-elect Judge Bill Swann to the 4th Circuit.

Vote today if you have not already!


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