Friday, April 28, 2006

What inspired the shooter?

I have taken some pretty pointed hits over the last few days because I have openly declared my support for Steve Hall for County Mayor. In some private e-mails, I have been called everything but a child of God for daring to insinuate that a misguided supporter of Mayor Ragsdale might have been the perpetrator of, or had something to do with, the attempt on Steve Hall's life earlier this week. Note that I did not say that I believe that Mayor Ragsdale ordered this dastardly attack, nor did I say that I believe he had anything to do with it-if I said that, I'd be lying, because I don't believe that.

Stacey Campfield did have something interesting to say in the comments on his blog:

"I never said Ragsdale personally had anything to do with the shooting. I think it is clear from the few facts we do know that it probably was politically motivated and was probably done by someone who is not a Hall supporter."

I agree, and I think it goes without saying that this was a politically motivated attempt sans Chicago mob. Stacey goes on to say:

"I have been hearing people say that higher ups in the current administration were telling people 'If Hall gets in you will probably loose your job/ funding'. If this was a direct factor in the shooting I can not say.

I can't say either, nor am I interested in playing a game of unproven accusations insofar as "did this kind of talk inspire somone to try to kill Steve Hall." I will say that this kind of mentality and those kind of scare tactics are often used by those who are trying to hang on to power at all costs. Stacey isn't the first I have heard of this kind of talk coming out of the other campaign, but up to now I have tried my best to discredit the notion that Mayor Ragsdale would use those kinds of tactics. It also bears noting that if that kind of talk becomes prevalent inside the working circle of any government on the ropes (speaking in a general world sense), it has been known to cause supporters of the group in power to take extreme action to save power for that government.

I am glad that Mayor Ragsdale has condemned this terrible act, and I believe his personal condemnation is genuine and heartfelt. No one in public service who has any decency in them would encourage such an action against their opponent.

Stacey says in regards to the accusation of "name calling:"

"As far as name calling goes the Ragsdale administration is far from clean on that account. I can not recall any lie told by Steve on any radio show. If the truth hurts don't blame the person who repeats it."

I also can't recall that Steve Hall has lied. What he has done is to say a number of things that clearly get under the skin of Mayor Ragsdale's supporters. This is an election, not Woodstock.

I will remind fellow Republicans, whether they support Steve Hall or Mike Ragsdale, that this is an unusual race in that there is no Democrat to fight in the General Election-our Primary is all that will determine who the next County Mayor is. This is why this campaign has been so spirited for some of us. Remember that we are all Republicans, so please save a bit of energy for the Governor's race.


At Thursday, April 27, 2006 11:48:00 PM, Blogger Steve Mule said...

Mr. Oatney,
Just for fun of it (and I am in no way serious!) here is my speculation:
1.) The shooter is a misguided, over the edge supporter of Mayor Ragsdale. A small minded individual that would otherwise remain a worthless nobody.
2.) The shooter is a misguided, over the edge supporter of Sheriff Tim Hutchinson. A small minded individual that would otherwise remain a worthless nobody.
3.) The shooter is a professional, tactically capable hired gun supporter of Sheriff Tim Hutchinson.

With resprect to #2 & #3 Steve Hall is a bigger threat to the sheriff than to Mayor Ragsdale. If Mayor Ragsdale loses he goes back to whatever he was doing before he was mayor. But then the triumviture of Ragsdale (leadership), Haslem (money), Hornback (peon control), and Hutchinson ("muscle") is thrown out of wack, out of control, out of power and so on ...
What happened the other night was not an attempted murder as a much as an attempt at intimadation. Steve Hall must not win! And I think he has more support than many have given him credit for, something the explotive power elite have just recently and decided to address!!!!

PS: All of the above is pure fantasy that I made up as I was typing it. :-) I will not be held to it!


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