Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A few election returns

As those of us following the Primary are aware, here in Knox County it may take a few days before we are able to call many of the critical County Commission races because of the large number of paper ballots that were cast voting for write-in candidates where there was a term-limited incumbent. However, enough returns have come in from races where there was a contest without many paper ballots haveing to be involved that we can now make a few projections in some very key races.

Knox County, Tennessee County Republican Primary-May 2, 2006

Circuit Court Judge - Division 4

David Craig Lee 7,401 40.54%
Bill Swann X 10,854 59.46%
The World believes that enough returns have come in to declare Judge Bill Swann the winner of the most vicious and nasty fight over a judicial seat that I have never before seen in my entire life. Both of these men seriously need to repent and get righteous, but Judge Swann will continue on the 4th Circuit.

County Mayor

Steve Hall 8,526 40.71%
Mike Ragsdale X 12,416 59.29%

Unfortunately, necessity forces the World to project that County Mayor Mike "Wheel Tax" Ragsdale has been re-elected as County Mayor. At least part of the problem may have been lack of organization on Primary Day itself. I didn't have much free time on Primary Day, but I did have about an hour and a half I wasn't expecting to be free made suddenly free and I happened to be in the downtown area. I went hunting for Hall people at a couple of locations to see if I could help-no one was around. Hall needed to saturate heavily conservative South Knoxville, and if the ground reports I heard on election night were true, he failed to do so. Drat. I was really hoping for a Hall victory. Oh well, maybe the challenge will cause Ragsdale not to levy new taxes in his second and final term.

County Commissioner - District - 3/A

Wanda Moody 540 33.86%

Tony Norman X 1,055 66.14%

No real surprise here-Ms. Wanda was one of the Suddenly Term-limited Twelve, and voters had another ballot option. The World projects that they have chosen that other option, Tony Norman.

County Commissioner - District - 5/B (R)
CandidateParty Name Vote CountPercent of Votes
Craig Leuthold X
Republican2,141 73.30%
Kyle H. PhillipsRepublican780 26.70%

The World projects Craig Leuthhold the winner in the District 5, Seat B Republican Primary.

County Commissioner - District - 6/B (R)
CandidateParty Name Vote CountPercent of Votes
Mike CorumRepublican1,166 44.90%
Greg "Lumpy" Lambert X
Republican1,271 48.94%
Jimmie E. SheltonRepublican160 6.16%

The World is able to project that Lumpy Lambert is the winner of the County Commission Primary in the 6th District, Seat B. I met Lumpy one day at OfficeMax-really nice guy, and I am sure he'll do a good job on the Commission.

County Commissioner - District - 7/A (R)
CandidateParty Name Vote CountPercent of Votes
Mary Lou HornerRepublican669 16.31%
James McMillanRepublican1,519 37.04%
R. Larry Smith XRepublican1,913 46.65%

The World projects R. Larry Smith the winner of the GOP Primary for Seat 7A. What is astounding is that the term-limited incumbent, Mary Lou Horner, still got over 16% of the vote long after formally withdrawing from the campaign. I congratulate Ms. Horner on her many years of public service to the people of Knox County, and I hope she keeps her promise in her farewell letter..."I will continue to remain involved."

County Commissioner - District - 7/B (R)
CandidateParty Name Vote CountPercent of Votes
Leo J. CooperRepublican1,797 45.30%
Scott Moore X
Republican2,170 54.70%

The World projects that Scott Moore is the winner.

County Commissioner - District - 8/B (R)
CandidateParty Name Vote CountPercent of Votes
Kay FrazierRepublican907 33.87%
John R. Mills XRepublican1,181 44.10%
Gary SellersRepublican590 22.03%

We project that John R. Mills has won the 8B seat.

County Commissioner - District - 9/B (R)
CandidateParty Name Vote CountPercent of Votes
David KigerRepublican962 38.74%
Paul Pinkston X
Republican1,521 61.26%

The World projects Paul Pinkston the winner in 9B.

General Session Court Judge - Division 4 (R)
CandidateParty Name Vote CountPercent of Votes
Jimmy Kyle DavisRepublican6,556 35.68%
Andrew Jackson, VI X
Republican6,887 37.48%
Chad TindellRepublican4,930 26.83%

In 2006 we took a little trip, along with Andy Jackson into the courtroom! Even though the race is tight, The World feels confident enough to call the race for General Session Judge for Andrew Jackson VI, relicked of the late hero of the Battle of New Orleans and 7th President of the United States. Unlike his third-great grandfather, Andy did not get into a fist fight with any members of the Sevier family on the streets of Knoxville.

Many races have yet to be decided because of paper ballots and write-ins, and we will continue posting updated results of the Knox County Primary with a little commentary right here-stay tuned.


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