Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Walking in the valley of decision

Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision: for the day of the LORD is near in the valley of decision. -Joel 3:14

Today is my day in the Valley of Decision. Some time in the next few days, Nicole and I will decide together whether we will proceed with a campaign for me to be elected as a Knox County Commissioner for the 2nd Commission district (A). The unique set of circumstances, over which none of us had any control, has opened up an opportunity for election that none of us could have forseen. Because of the Tennessee Supreme Court ruling regarding the validity of county term limit ballot measures, I am in a position to make an impact merely by circulating my own name.

All of my life I have wanted the opportunity to run for political office. Now the first such opportunity seems to have been placed on a silver platter and paraded before me, but that doesn't make the decision any easier. The magnitude and the impact of this decision on my family and friends has made me come to appreciate what some people choose to endure when they choose to enter public life.

I am asking everyone to pray for me, pray for Nicole, pray for our home in the coming days, pray that we make a decision that is right not only for ourselves, but for the people of the 2nd Commission district and all of Knox County.

I want to especially thank State Representative Stacey Campfield for his prayers, advice, and support during this entire process.


At Wednesday, April 05, 2006 9:25:00 AM, Anonymous Ray Foret said...


You know surely that, should you decide to seek the office of
commissioner, I will whole heartedly support you. In light of this, I feel
compelled to give you a friendly warning.

As you may know, I have become dissolution with the republican party of
late. This is because I have felt for a long time that the republican party
is primarily composed of one type of conservative, where as we are another
and truer type. What I mean to say is this. Good Roman Catholics such as
you and I, and right thinking Jews and right thinking Protestants, and other
right thinking God fearing people are conservatives both in spirit and in
substance. We truly believe what we say we believe and it is so ingrained
within us that we cannot tare away from it; for you see, the truth with
which we now live our lives as best we are able is the truth of God all
mighty and there is none to stand against either him, his holy mother church
and all those who support love and serve him. We are indeed the true type
of conservative because we are the beliefs we hold and they hold us. What I
am getting at is the fundamental reality that with us, and all who hold with
us, don't just believe the conservative way, we are in the very fabric of
the fiber of our beings and very souls the essence of the truth to witch we
so tenaciously and lovingly cling. It is so much a part of our souls that
we know the instant a lie passes the lips of the enemy and we can with
absolute certainty know a true believer from a false one.

Now, There is that other type of conservative. That other type consists
principally of those other individuals who are seeking political office and
who have a feel for what those of us who are truly in the light wish to
hear. Therefore, these individuals craft their words and phrases to appeal
to us. They say the right words. They maybe even say them the right way
and in the right tone of voice. They make a great and most thunderous noise
upon the stage and then they use it to gain our trust; and yet, upon their
having gained our trust and thus persuaded us by reason of there talk and
their pronunciations against abortion and other like wrongs to send them off
to Washington where they will put right all that is wrong, they then become
like the rest of the Washington culture. They do not believe. They perhaps
never did believe in the fundamental truth to which we hold. Or, perhaps,
they are like the seed of which our precious Lord spoke when he said, "at
first, they hear the word and are inspired by it; but, when times get hard,
they fall by the way side.". In short, they get to Washington; and, once
there, they become so enamored with the Washington culture, they become like
it in every way possible.

I most strenuously urge you that, if you do in fact seek the office,
that you NOT become like such as they. I urge you to hold steadfastly to
that truth we know and love so well. To put it quite bluntly, it is my very
slight fear that the Republican establishment will seek to mold you in to
such as do not believe as we do but rather they speak the right words in the
right way; but always it is in their minds to do otherwise.

Now, you may very well say, "but surely, you contradict yourself. How
can this happen?".

I answer that it cannot and will not happen so long as you hold fast to
that truth which we both know and love well. IF ever you become tempted by
that of which I spoke earlier, bare in mind this e-mail and leave off such
temptations. Good luck and God bless.

Most urgently yours,

Sincerely yours,
The Constantly Barefoot


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