Thursday, January 26, 2006

Next Canadian Ambassador: The Right Honorable Preston Manning?

The rumors are swirling all over the blogosphere that Preston Manning, friend of America, founder of the Reform Party of Canada, the man who has waited longer than anyone else for a Conservative victory in Canada, will be the next ambassador from Ottawa. Upon hearing the rumor, I nearly jumped with glee. This man makes President Bush look like a left-wing maniac.

In fact, Manning could teach Bush a thing or two about what it means to be a conservative. I think the thing I most admire about Preston Manning is that he is a really rare bird in today's world. He is a Christian statesman...from a family of Christians and statesmen. Even John Manley (former Liberal Deputy Prime Minister) once admitted that Ernest C. Manning, Preston's Father(and a minister), ran the cleanest and most honorable government in Canada when he was Primier of Alberta.

Both Manning's people and Stephen Harper are offically denying the rumor.


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