Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mitt's Media Problem

If you want to know why Mitt Romney hasn't quite closed the deal with the Republican base, actions like this may be why:

You'll never find this writer telling a candidate that they can't have a private fundraiser. However, when that fundraiser just happens to be in a major public space in the middle of downtown Knoxville, and the candidate is a major candidate for the 2012 Republican Presidential nomination, it may not be a good idea to ban all media from an event in such an openly public space. Furthermore, when the Presidential candidate does come to town, it stands to reason that the candidate and his supporters will likely get some pretty bad press in the local area where this occurs if it happens to get out that the news photographer who was covering the candidate's visit was denied access to the building, and a news reporter seeking a short interview was apparently escorted away by private security.

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