Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Grand Design

The supercommittee that was designed to fail did what it was designed to do:

No Democrat on that committee was going to agree to cut entitlements to the degree needed to restore the full faith and credit of the United States because it will undermine the Democrats' core constituency groups. No Republican would agree to tax increases without significant cuts and reform to entitlement spending, nor should they. The even numbers on the committee in light of those realities insured that the process would fail before it even began. The President likely wanted it that way, because now he can cut national defenses so deeply that he will make this country a weakling and a by-word in the earth, but he'll find ways to increase entitlement spending if Obama should, God forbid, remain in office. Failure is what the President wanted all along, since failure is what his administration is all about.


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At Tuesday, November 22, 2011 2:27:00 PM, Anonymous Eric Holcombe said...

East Tennessee's Members of Congress and Senators Lamar Alexander (R-Maryville), and Bob Corker (R-Chattanooga) all expressed "outrage"...

I am outraged that our "Conservative Republican" senators voted themselves into irrelevance by voting for the unconstitutional "Super Congress" and traded our (albeit lame) representation for that of the likes of John Kerry. Now they want to whine about it? They created it! They ALL wanted a neutered, battle-royal cage match that would be exciting, and end in a draw so both sides of the R vs. D professional wrestling match could blame each other - but the American people are the real losers. Now they want to make their planned political hay on it? I will not be duped.


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