Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Strong Families Protect Liberty

Government should protect marriage and the family as best it can, or our liberties may otherwise be in danger:

For well over half-a-century now, our country has been witness to the slow decline of the nuclear family, now to the point where we are defining family not as mother, father, children. and extended family, but as mother without father, in rarer cases father without mother, two men and child, two women and child, and yet many other combinations. If anyone raises their voice to say that this is not supposed to be how society works, they are called intolerant, or bigoted, or much worse. We will say it in this space: The family is the very bedrock of a free and liberty-loving society, and liberty cannot exist in practical terms (that is, a society with a very limited government) without the family taking its proper role as the center of social and moral formation. If the traditional family declines and falls as a social force, the power of a society and a nation will decline with it. If the traditional family falls as the primary organ of social formation, society becomes an open field for social engineering and for the political doctrines of socialism-something which our friends on the Left are well aware of.

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