Monday, May 02, 2011

Knoxville Conservative Acts Conservative!

Why is it that it is so shocking for a conservative legislator to advocate conservative ideas?:

Stacey Campfield's detractors often say that Campfield will do anything for attention, and that the legislation he champions is only of the sort that will grab media attention. What many of those same people refuse to admit (though they know it to be true) is that Campfield does not seek out the attention he receives, but he gets that attention because the bills he introduces most often reflect the conservative agenda. Stacey Campfield was first elected to the Tennessee House of Representatives in 2004 as both a fiscal and a social conservative, and unabashedly so. What Campfield told his constituents that he believed when he was first elected are the very things that he has continued to champion while in office. Campfield promised an agenda that was fiscally responsible and socially conservative, and has said that he would champion the pro-life cause, home schools and educational choice for parents, and a more conservative social atmosphere.
Most of Stacey Campfield's positions either directly reflect a promise that he's made while campaigning for election or re-election, or they mirror the positions of American conservatism as it has evolved in the last 50 years. The press expresses utter shock that a professing conservative would introduce legislation that advances an agenda that is conservative-perish the thought!

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