Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just a Few Business Deals

Former Governor Phil Bredesen's Administration made "handshake deals" on business development without legislative approval-and the new General Assembly wants to know why they have to disburse money they didn't know about:

For the moment, we won't judge whether such arrangements are right or wrong, but instead whether it is ethical to bind a successor administration to a series of promises involving monetary expenditure and taxation rules when one is leaving office that have neither legislative approval nor were publicly agreed-upon by the incoming Governor or his staff. Bredesen's Commissioner of Economic Development has said to The Tennessean's Chas Sisk that it is a matter of the new Governor "honoring the commitments of the previous administration" and that this was a "bipartisan approach." It is a bipartisan approach to keep the General Assembly in the dark about development agreements until the State Funding Board discovers large disbursements of cash that it cannot explain because it was unaware of the agreements in the first place-all while the General Assembly is trying to come up with a final version of the budget for the next fiscal year?

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