Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Show Us the Money

Legislation sponsored by Tennessee State Representative Harry Brooks may, in a small way deal with a much deeper problem than the allocation of lottery scholarship money:

Has it occurred to some of these folks that this legislation is less about money and more about the standards themselves? Bills like this important one address a much larger problem than anyone is even talking about here. As a society, we are doing everything short of beating kids into believing that they MUST go to college, and as a result our colleges and universities are full of students who would likely be better off doing something else, and many of them don't finish their college educations. Among those students who do, the degrees that they have worked so hard to get-often sacrificing long hours, working through school, and sometimes crushing debt-are ones that they often learn are not enough to sustain them because so many people now have bachelor's degrees and those sheepskins are seriously devalued.

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