Monday, April 25, 2011

The Children's Primary?

The 2012 primary calendar seems more reasonable than what we had to endure in 2008, and it will be unless some people start acting like children:

If the current situation plays out as some expect, that would put Tennessee voting on Tuesday, February 7th-the day that is currently being slated as "Super Tuesday" on the primary calendar. A mid-January start to primary and caucus voting (and early voting in Tennessee) wouldn't be so unbearable and would be something closer to what most political people might consider "normal." Febraury 7th as the date for Super Tuesday is actually a good date for Tennesseans to go to the polls, and gives us plenty of time to digest what the candidates are saying after we have digested Christmas dinner. All of that presumes, however, that if Iowa and New Hampshire move their caucus and primary dates to mid-January that Florida won't try to steal Christmas by moving its primary to an even earlier date, forcing Iowa and New Hampshire to uphold convention by moving even further back. This isn't about one-upmanship, this is a serious matter of nominating a candidate for President of the United States. It will be no time to play childish games about who gets to play with the toy first. Iowa and New Hampshire first-that's the tradition-Americans and Tennesseans would prefer a Christmas free of political haggling.

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