Monday, January 24, 2011

Will Ragsdale's Mess Come Fully to Light?

Thanks to the Cynthia Finch trial in Knox County, the corruption of Mike Ragsdale's time in office may come more fully to light:

Mike Ragsdale once likened Cynthia Finch to Jesus Christ, comparing calls for her removal to the cries of the mob to crucify Our Lord and Savior. Of course Finch was really only doing Ragsdale's bidding since the abuse of taxpayer money was commonplace during Mike Ragsdale's time as Knox County Mayor. With her back against the wall, Cynthia Finch subtly accused Knox County Commissioners of racism for questioning the allocation of grant money that was the responsibility of her office to organizations that she happened to play a leading role in. It was never found that Finch or her staff received "kickbacks" or "money off the top" from grant allocation, however, but no one knows just how much Ragsdale dirt will come out in the effort both to prosecute or defend Cynthia Finch. This could be as juicy as the News Sentinel Sunshine Law trial, and could finally expose the corruption of the Ragsdale Administration in full public view.

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