Friday, January 14, 2011

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Tennessee House Speaker Beth Harwell is already getting to work on shrinking the size of government on the legislative side:

Harwell has replaced more than two dozen subcommittees and declared that each House committee will have but one subcommittee-and these subcommittees won't be considering all legislation before their respective committees, but will focus on complicated and specialized bills that need detailed examination. In other words, legislators who are opposed to a certain bill but don't want to go on record as such won't be able to use the labyrinth of subcommittees on the lower chamber to keep a bill from being considered because most of those subcommittees no longer exist. Beth Harwell has done something during her first week of office as Speaker of the Tennessee House of Representatives that many good conservative elected officials can only talk about-she has actually managed to shrink the size of government, even if in only the way she can directly control.

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