Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Harwell's Rules of Order

Republicans are finally fully in control of both Houses of the Tennessee General Assembly:

Republicans do not control the Tennessee House of Representatives today-they dominate that body. Beth Harwell of Nashville was nominated for Speaker by Rep. Steve McDaniel of Parker's Crossroads, and was seconded by the man she defeated in caucus for the position of Speaker, Republican Glen Casada of Franklin. The Democrats' refusal to nominate a candidate for Speaker shows the weakness of their party-they now feel compelled to beg Republicans for favors by saying "see, we voted for you too." Rep. Judd Matheny was unanimously elected Speaker pro Tempore in the House.

Senator Stacey Campfield is officially a member of the upper chamber, with perhaps the biggest fireworks of the Senate session coming when Senator Doug Henry (D-Nashville) rose to second Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey's nomination as Speaker of the Senate and Lieutenant Governor, admitting that he didn't agree with the Senate Democratic Caucus' decision to nominate Sen. Joe Haynes (D-Nashville), because he thought Lieutenant Governor Ramsey was doing a good enough job.

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