Friday, January 21, 2011

Not A Tapeworm

When Republicans draw districts, try not to be as ridiculous as Democrats:

An examination of our current Congressional, State House, and State Senate Legislative districts shows how they were drawn, and shows that mapmakers and Nashville politicos had more control over the process than the voters. Keeping Republican power at bay was the clear intent of our current configuration. As an example, the First and Second Congressional Districts are historically the two most Republican in the State, but both were rubbed against the Third District and counties divieded where (at the time) Democrats believed they had a better chance of winning than in the "Fighting First" or in Jimmy Duncan's Second-both of which have been Republican since Reconstruction. The most damage was wielded on State House districts, some of which were gerrymandered to guarantee a Democratic seat where there otherwise might not be one, as is the case both with the seats currently held by Representatives Harry Tindell and Johnny "Collection Plate" Shaw.

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