Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Nullifiers

Whether the Tennessee General Assembly reintroduces the bill from last session which essentially nullified President Obama's health care law in Tennessee could be a key test of conservative commitment:

The bill was first considered in the second session of the last General Assembly, and was only beaten because several Republican legislators had already left Nashville for home or for professional obligations, not believing that there was any further major business to be conducted. Since the Republicans only had a one-seat majority at that time, a few missing members will alter the outcome of such an important vote. With 64 seats and a 14-seat majority, the GOP should now have the votes to pass a bill that would essentially exempt Tennesseans from the federal health law. The great test of the new Republican majority in Tennessee and its commitment to conservatism will be whether the leadership is willing not only to consider legislation to stand up to the federal menace, but to push until it is passed.

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