Monday, December 06, 2010

Not for Now

While I favor closed primaries in Tennessee, I seriously doubt that the issue is going anywhere anytime soon:

Those of us who live in the ground in rural East Tennessee can attest that this stereotype isn’t necessarily true, as East Tennessee voters tend to be as conservative and sometimes more so than other parts of the State. One thing East Tennesseans are, however, is a stubborn lot, and they don’t like being told by someone in Nashville that they can’t do what they have always done. The very fact that Tennessee primaries have been fundamentally open for such a long time and that voters have been allowed to choose their primary without party registration is the very reason a lot of rural East Tennessee Republicans are saying they don’t like it. “Who the Hell are they to tell me which ballot I can choose and that I have to register? We’ve not done it that way before.”

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