Friday, December 03, 2010

Ramsey and Mumpower

Haslam makes a key appointment as Mumpower moves over to the Comptroller's office:

As Haslam announces that a major figure in Chattanooga public life will join his administration, a noteworthy political figure from Upper East Tennessee is about to take a key role in overseeing the State's fiscal health. Outgoing House Republican Leader Jason Mumpower, who will be formally replaced this coming Wednesday, has been
named Chief Deputy Comptroller under Tennessee Comptroller Justin Wilson. In that office Mumpower will serve as Wilson's chief liaison to the General Assembly, a role to which he is very well-suited. Mumpower must have known that he would be in line for a position in the new order, because he told this writer last June "you may see me up here, but in a different capacity." It was predicted in this space that Mumpower would probably not be leaving politics, merely that he was leaving the House.

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