Thursday, December 09, 2010

Red Light Nightmare

Today we have the personal testimony of a student at Middle Tennessee State University about the dangers to our personal liberty posed by red light traffic cameras:

Perhaps the biggest problem with these cameras is that because no officer of the law sees the alleged offender run a red light, a person who gets a red light camera citation can't be officially charged with a moving violation, which running a red light would normally be considered. That also means that no points can go on an offender's driver's license for getting a camera ticket. While it is easy to say "people are breaking the law," it is also increasingly clear that these cameras aren't meant to make the road safer-there isn't any evidence to suggest that is happening-but the digital spies are racking up a lot of revenue.Now someone could suffer the loss of a license because of two red light camera citations they weren't even aware of.

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