Friday, October 08, 2010

The Paymaster

Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett has shut out former officials of the recently-departed Ragsdale Administration in Knox County:

Former Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale's Director of Communications Suzanne Dupes is all in a pickle because she resigned when Ragsdale left office and the current Knox County Mayor, former State Senator Tim Burchett, decided that Dupes shouldn't receive severance pay, even though Ms. Dupes says that Ragsdale told her that Tim Burchett said that he was going to give her nearly $16,000 in severance allotments. So Mikey tells Susie that Timmy told Dean to tell Dwight that Timmy would give Susie the money, and then Dwight tells Mikey that Susie is going to get the money. Susie then thinks that because Mikey said she was going to get the money, and he said that Timmy told Dean to tell Dwight to tell Mikey to let Susie know she was going to get some money, that Susie is going to get nearly $16,000.

We're all waiting for the notes to get passed in study hall to clear this one up...

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