Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Semantics of Extremism

According to some Tennessee Democrats, someone is extreme for taking the same position as half of their legislative caucus:

Liberals are quite fond of calling Stacey Campfield and his positions extreme, but they do so without examining those positions closely, because in a uniquely Tennessee political sense, what is it that is so extreme about Campfield's positions? Stacey Campfield is strongly pro-life and believes that our State ought to have the ability to enact laws that protect the rights of the unborn. News flash: In Tennessee, that position is shared-at least publicly- by half of the Democratic Caucus in the State House of Representatives and by half of the Democrats in the State Senate. Combined with Republican votes, that means that 2/3rds of the Tennessee General Assembly publicly share Stacey Campfield's position. Campfield has also introduced a bill stating that men can ask for a paternity test if ordered by a court to pay child support on a child they believe may not be theirs. So making the men who are really responsible for fathering children take care of those kids is an extreme position?

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