Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Tennessee Tea

Many of the Tea Party's central themes have already been a part of Tennessee's political discourse:

One of the Tea Party's most vocalized issues is over-taxation both at the State and federal level. While the Tennessee General Assembly can do very little but protest about oppressive taxation at the federal level, Tennessee has no income tax and is ranked 48th nationally in terms of tax burden. Our Legislature certainly has its fair share of problems with government waste-as chronicled amply in this space-but Tennessee has been blessed in that for the most part, the General Assembly has kept to its obligation to keep the budget balanced without resort to unconstitutional means of taxation.

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At Thursday, October 07, 2010 9:08:00 AM, Anonymous Mike Turner said...

David the Democrats actually were pretty fair in redistricting, and there were several different plans out on the table and the one that was chosen was a fair plan. If you do re-district for Political advantage, the party drawing the lines typically picks up seats in the next election cycle. What happened in Tennessee was just the opposite, the GOP picked up seats and the next couple of cycles no real changes. Seems pretty fair to me. You have been around most of us and you know the stories about the Big, Bad, DEMS are not true. Keep up the good, but often misguided ( HA! HA! ) work, and remember I read you all the time.


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