Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Haslam for Governor

The case for Haslam:

What we do have to base our conclusions on about whether Bill Haslam would be a good Governor is a clear record. City tax rates in Knoxville are far lower than they were when he entered office, but he didn't just settle for lowering taxes, he helped balance the city's books and he has kept them in balance. During Haslam's time in office, tax revenues have increased because he has overseen positive business development, including revitalizing historic downtown Knoxville. Because his policies encourage economic growth, Knoxville has seen phenomenal success in job creation during Bill Haslam's time in office. If lowering taxes, balancing budgets, increasing the tax base, and encouraging business development isn't a conservative record, then we must ask what does qualify as a conservative record.

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