Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Georgiana Off the Vines in 7th Senate District Coverage

The Knoxville News Sentinel has changed reporters covering the 7th Tennessee Senate race:

Jack McElroy, the News-Sentinel's editor-in-chief, was straightforward with The Examiner about the situation. "It is my understanding that Georgiana is currently dating someone who has made a contribution to Mr. Walker's campaign, stated McElroy, "we have long had a policy that staff members are required to refrain from partisan political involvement." McElroy went on to explain that there is really no way to prevent the spouses or significant others of the newspaper's staff from being more involved in politics because they aren't employees. "As a matter of course, we try to keep people out of assignments where they could have a conflict of interest, because there have been staff who have had family members who were active politically so we want to keep those staff clear of assignments where there is a conflict. Even though Ms. Vines is a former member of our staff, she is currently a freelance writer for the News Sentinel. Because we hold members of our staff to that standard, we let Georgiana know that we didn't want anymore coverage from her of that [7th District] campaign."

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