Friday, October 29, 2010

Desperate and Done

Nathan Vaughn is desperate, tired, and probably done in his race for the Tennessee House of Representatives against Kingsport Representative Tony Shipley:

The legislation in question, House Bill 2390, provided bond issues for road and bridge repair rather than appropriate the monies directly from the State Treasury. This was not in keeping with Tennessee's long-standing constitutional and legislative custom of "pay-as-you-go," or paying for State projects as the money becomes available for them. Instead, the bond issue would have cost Shipley's constituents and other Tennesseans another $70 million a year, when there didn't have to be such high debt if the State had merely followed longstanding budget-writing procedures that were abandoned in 2009 in favor of a budget which funded many projects with federal stimulus money and which bonded the State into tens of millions of dollars in debt-debt Tony Shipley's constituents have t repay and that would have been unnecessary using more fiscally reponsible methods to fund bridge and highway improvements.

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