Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tea Party Legislative School

The tea party movement is a breath of fresh air in our political process-now participants need to be taken to school on legislative procedure:

I wasn't up at the Capitol today, but I know how loud and raucous the tea partiers were because I was watching the hearing on the internet and could hear the boos and hisses when the bill was rolled, and the cheers when the committee did something the crowd approved of. It is encouraging to see so much interest, but the leaders of the tea party in Tennessee who are new to politics (and not all of them are, see Ken Marrero) need to remember that people like Bobbie Patray have been doing this kind of work for years and they know the ropes. Rather than make blanket assumptions about what the rolling of a bill means or how the rules of procedure work, try watching committee sessions or House floor sessions and learning how basic procedure works? Yes, we know you don't have time to watch them live every day-most of us don't. That is why all of these hearings and House and Senate sessions are archived on video at .

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