Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Natives Are Restless

We live in a very uneasy nation:

With that said, as demonstrated by the actions of some people on Capitol Hill in Nashville yesterday, people are almost irrationally angry, and the folks who are demonstrating this anger are not crazed lunatics agitated by Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh, but are ordinary everyday Tennesseans and Americans who feel as though their voices have for too long been ignored, and now decisions are being taken which impact them very directly and they see their governmentcompletely ignoring their wishes and doing so in such a public and arrogantly unrepentant fashion. Anger can lead to irrational and completely inappropriate activity, and as Hannity and Limbaugh would both be keen to remind all of us, we have a local election in May, a State Primary in August, and a General Election in November in which to send the one message all politicians understand-removal from their posts by free votes of the people.

History is written by the victors however, and at some point after the outbreak of the American Revolution, the founders of our Republic went from being brigands, rioters, and rustic rebels to being revolutionary freedom fighters. There was a moment in history when there was no other option but grapeshot and powder, because talk and writing and begging and pleading did no good. Our leaders would do well to remember this, because Congress has shown that they are unwilling to listen to the protests and pleadings of their constituents, so if the ballot box later proves to also be of no correction to their ridiculous and tyrannical behavior, one fears that they may learn that the founders armed the citizenry for a reason that had nothing to do with hunting.

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