Friday, March 26, 2010

Mumpower Will Be Positively Remembered

Some honest thoughts about the decision of Tennessee House Republican Leader Jason Mumpower not to stand for re-election to the House:

When the history books of Tennessee are written, however, and our own period is remembered (we hope) for future schoolchildren in this State to study at a certain age, I believe in my heart that Jason Mumpower will be remembered for the exceptional figure that he truly is. Mumpower will not be noted for greatness because it was he who "led the Tennessee House Republicans to their first majority in history" since many others beside him worked for that day for so many years. Rather, he will most be remembered for having been elected to the House at an age so young, 23, that people reacted with some wonderment, and remained a member for so long that he managed to be chosen as House Republican Leader at an age (33) when many people interested in public life haven't even contested their first election. He will now leave the House celebrating his 37th birthday roughly a month and a half before his successor is chosen. At 36 years old, Jason Mumpower has managed to be in public life long enough for many people to have had a very full political career, and most folks who have been in the business of politics for 14 years and decide to leave the stage do so in the closing years, not the prime, of a very full and active life. Mumpower's exploits are positively enviable and yes, heroic.

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